The options for travel are endless. Where do you want to go? When should you go? How long should you stay? Where should you stay? What tours, activities, or excursions should you do? Where should you eat? What documents do you need? What should you pack? When should you book?

Yes, the Internet is an amazing place to research and see photos but when it comes down to narrowing down and booking your vacation, you want a professional who can confidently match you to the perfect vacation and help you with all of the questions you have in the process.

For most trip inquiries my services are complimentary to you. Fees may be assessed for airfare-only bookings or customized itineraries that include hotels or other vendors that do not work with travel agents. In some cases, once we get deep into the planning stages a deposit that will be applied to the cost of your trip may be necessary. All of this information will be given to you throughout the course of our consultation. You will never be hit with a surprise bill for my services.

What are those services? I will be by your side throughout the entire vacation research and booking process. I will begin by talking with you about what you want from your vacation. These conversations can happen in person (if local to me), on the phone, or through email. I will ask you questions to help narrow down your needs. Once I have a good idea of what you are looking for, I will provide quotes for 3-4 options that I feel are the best match for your vacation desires.

We can discuss, modify or change any of these as much as necessary until you are happy with the vacation that we have created. From there I will take payment information for the trip, deposit the trip, and follow up with you for next steps. These next steps may include booking flights, pre-or post- hotels for cruising, excursions, assisting you with Disney FastPass and dining reservations, and more. Each vacation is different and will require different action items after the deposit. I will keep up with all of the important payment and booking dates and will send you reminders about these. When you are traveling, I will be available should anything arise.

Click below to see more information about a few of my personal favorites/specialties of the many destinations you could visit.








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