You have a case of wanderlust, now what?

First, decide the where.

Where do you want to go? When should you go? How long should you stay? Where should you stay? Should you stay in city center or the outskirts? Multi-city stop or stay in one location?  

Next, decide the how.

What are the best flights? What documents do you need? When is the best time to book? Do you need to rent a car? Are taxis reliable? Should you book a private transfer? Should you fly or drive or train between cities? 

Then, decide the what.

What excursions should you book? What are the best local restaurants? What are the best off-the-beaten-path stops? How do you see the popular tourist attractions with the least resistance? Should you book a private tour guide or is a group tour sufficient? Or would it be best to do a self-guided tour? 

Endless questions. Confusing Internet. Conflicting reviews. 

You can DIY and go crazy with a litany of crowd-sourced recommendations (that honestly aren’t matched to YOU in the first place) or you can hire me- a professional who can confidently match you to the perfect vacation and assist you with all of the questions you have in the process.

For some travel inquiries such as Disney, cruising, and all-inclusive vacation packages my services are complimentary to you.

Fees will be assessed for customized itineraries. This fee covers the time involved in researching and crafting a highly-customized travel experience for you. All of this information will be given to you throughout the course of our consultation. You will never be hit with a surprise bill for my services.

My services:

Consultation– I will get to know you and discuss what you want from this vacation. These conversations can happen in person (if local to me), on the phone, or through email.

Proposal– I will narrow down the trip based on our consultation and provide you with a custom proposal that together we can modify based on your wishes, desires, and needs.

Plan- Once we have the perfect itinerary, I will put all the plans in place. I will work with you along the way to get you everything you need to be ready to go.

Play– The trip is planned, the time has come for you to jetset off and play, discovering those priceless gems we added to your itinerary.

Priceless memories– When you return, you will have priceless memories to last a lifetime.


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