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Toy Story Land opened on June 30, 2018 in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Featuring two brand new rides – Slinky Dog Dash (a family friendly roller coaster) and Alien Swirling Saucers (a gentle spinning ride) – this new area of the park shrinks you down to the size of a toy plopped down in the middle of Andy’s room.

Toy Story Land is the newest addition to a Disney theme park, the first new “land” since the opening of the new Fantasyland/Storybook Circus in Magic Kingdom in December, 2012. It comprises 11 acres of colorful family fun! If you’re wondering, the next new land slated for opening is Star Wars Land, which will also be in Hollywood Studios.

Side note: Hollywood Studios is one of the four Walt Disney World theme parks. A common misconception is that Universal Studios Orlando is synonymous with Hollywood Studios. Disney and Universal are actually owned by two different companies and, as such, require different tickets for entry. Universal has two parks – Universal Studios, featuring “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter-Diagon Ally” and Islands of Adventure, featuring “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter- Hogsmeade. Disney has four parks – Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios (the subject of this post)… 

So, back to Hollywood Studios and Toy Story Land. The theme of Toy Story Land is that when you enter you are the size of a toy, and Andy has vacated the premises and left his toys scattered in the yard. You get to wander around and play among his K’Nex, blocks, tinker toys, flying saucer set, and more.

You can spend hours being surprised and delighted as you discover the Christmas lights draped across the land, the popsicle stick fence, the number 2 pencils, and drinking straw light fixtures. Get lost in the nostalgia of your childhood as you share these memories with your children or grandchildren. Laugh in joy as you board the back of Slinky Dog and soar into the air and dash across the backyard.

A few tips for visiting the new land:

Plan to stay on Disney property and have your room booked 60+ days before travel. When you stay at a resort on Disney’s property you can book Fast Passes 60 days prior to travel. It is important to be booked before this point so you can have immediate access to Fast Pass booking when the window opens. New rides, such as those in Toy Story Land, will see Fast Passes gobbled up immediately.

Plan two days (or two half-days) at Hollywood Studios. If you want to see all of the main attractions with the least waiting possible, your best bet is to spend two partial days at Toy Story Land (with at least one day being at park opening). Disney has a tiered Fast Pass system so you can only pre-book one Toy Story Land fast pass per day. If you plan on two days in the land you can book each of the two new attractions on a different day.

Plan your Hollywood Studios day towards the end of your trip. Because Disney allows you to book Fast Passes for your entire stay at 60 days before the day you check in, the Fast Pass availability for the end of your stay is better than the beginning. Slinky Dog Dash is a very popular ride and the Fast Passes run out quickly. It is important to book right at 7 a.m. 60 days before you travel and booking on your fourth or fifth day at Disney will yield better availability than booking on your first or second day.

Fast Passes (as well as Dining Reservations and touring plans) are included with my services when you book your Disney trip through me, so I’ll make sure to take care of all this for you as we plan your perfect vacation!